Personality to Your Brand


You might have seen the character above on television, Youtube, or cinemas. We have been receiving lots of love from our clients and friends seeing our creations in town! 

Here are why some clients come to us for that quirks:

  • Relatable: It is relatable because they now share some of our human qualities. One of the key successes in a video campaign is when your viewers are able to empathize and relate to your brand. 

  • Entertaining: It often involves humour or comedic aspects that entertain viewers longer. Needless to say, it's so satisfying to see how your product is being translated into a living animated character to speak directly to your customers.

  • Shareable: A well-thought animated character with good stories, sound effects and music will invite viewers' sharing for bonus marketing potential.

You might want to consider developing your brands into some animated characters too for your upcoming campaigns!